The one and only nondestructive solution to completely and rapidly eliminate data on functioning and nonfunctioning electronics.

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  The only way to ensure data was not recoverable: shredding… but what a waste!

Electronics manufacturers do provide factory reset programs for devices, but their process does not eliminate data. The device restarts with what looks like a reset with a blank memory but in fact the data of the previous user is still present and is replaced only progressively as the new user records new data.

  The old data is therefore recoverable and entirely susceptible to fraud or theft by a third party.


With Erase4Good, all personal data stored on flash memory (SD card, SSD memory disk, Nand Flash, NOR, etc.) is permanently erased thanks to a unique processing machine.

All personal data is guaranteed to be eliminated with our technology which ensures that the binary code strings (0 and 1) that represent the photos, videos, documents, contacts, emails, web browsing history, etc. on your devices become only a single code string of (1).

  The memory of the device is therefore completely blank, as it was originally, and is ready to accept and save new data.

  A certificate accessible to customers is provided for each product processed by our machine to ensure the quality of the data elimination.

The permanent data sanitization has been certified by an independent laboratory

Erase4Good has developed a technology materialized by a machine, the E4G1, which permanently deletes data. This service is unique and exclusive.

With the E4G1, permanent data elimination is guaranteed.

  Our technology is patent pending

We thank the teams of:  Ecole Polytechnique  CEA  ENPC  SIMAP

We also thank for their support:  Région IDF  /  BPI

Erase4Good is a service of the company: LE GSM

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to satisfy GDPR legislation

Your data will be definitively unrecoverable after a passage in the E4G1.

Guaranteed whether the device is still functioning or not.

Without Erase4Good a functioning device can be either factory reset or a have its data deleted by a software solution. However, neither of these methods guarantees a complete and permanent elimination.

More importantly if a device is not functioning, data is trapped inside the memory and can be accessed by a third party when disposed.

Before E4G1, the only solution to ensure that data was erased and no longer accessible to anyone was the destruction of the device, a process that is harmful to the environment.


for a 2nd life

The Erase4Good treatment allows 80% recyclability of the main components (screen, optics, battery, case, etc.) without having to connect the device.

The processing is definitive, rapid, irreversible and ensures the impossibility of recovering the previously recorded data while avoiding the ecological waste of the hundreds of thousands of electronic products shredded each year.

100% recyclability can be achieved depending on the product. It continues to be our goal to ensure full reuse of the erased device.

/ Our market /



Data centers

Cable and telecom operators






TV boxes




TV boxes



USB keys



USB keys

Generally, our machine erases data from any product with a « non-volatile » Flash memory.

With E4G1 you have the peace of mind that the products you would like to refurbish or recycle no longer have personal and confidential data.


The electronic waste market is constantly growing.

Source : UNITAR United Nation Institute for Training and research

Last year the WEEE forum estimated that there were nearly 5.3 billion unused smartphones ready for recycling.


> Between 300 million and 400 million electronic products are thrown away each year and only 20% are recycled in the factories provided for this purpose.

> 30 to 40 million PCs reach the end of their life each year.

> More than 5 million TVs.

In france

> Nearly 3 million professional PCs are destroyed each year. Among them, at least 50% are still in good working order: a considerable number of still modern machines whose lifespan could be extended

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(starting fall 2023)

We will have a E4G1 in a truck that can come to your site.

  Soon available in the USA

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